Marcos the Werehog

Marcos is one of the leaders of the Werehog Cave and the oldest werehogs in the history. At first, Marcos didn't like humans, but thanks to Ashley, he allows humans to come to the Werehog Cave. He also lets Ash and Pikachu to stay in the Werehog Cave so Ash's last heart won't break. He has a twin brother name Martus, who was sealed in the Dark Gaia staff for so long, but was released by Daniel and Ariel by accident, but thanks to Marcos he sealed Martus back into the Dark Gaia staff, and a younger sister name Alexis, who was once a werehog, but was seperated from her brothers and lost her Dark Spirits and turned into a human. He is also the father of Master Yo the Panda, who also was once a werehog, but lost his Dark Spirits and was turned into a panda and lost his memories. Marcos has two grandchildren: Lucille the Butterfly and Maggie the Werehog. They both don't know that Marcos is their grandfather or Yo is their father.

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